Massage and Body pampering at Caelicolae

Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation ... escape all your cares for a bit of 'me' time and dispel any niggles and aches for a totally refreshed and energised you.

Back, neck and shoulder (30mins)
Back, neck and shoulder with infra red (45 mins)  
Full body (1 hour)  
Full body with Aromatic oil (1 hour)  
Legs (30mins)  
Indian Head (45 mins)  
Reflexology (45 mins)  

La Stone Therapy

Full Body (11/2 hours)  
Back, neck and shoulders (45 mins)  

Hot Lava Shell Treatments

Deep - Full Body Massage (1.1/2 hours)  
Relax - Full Body Massage (60 mins)  
Core - Back and tummy (45 mins)  
Back, neck & shoulder (30 mins)  
Lower back & abdomen (30 mins)  
Abdomen only (15 mins)  

Universal Contour Wrap

Individual treatment (2 hours)  
Course of 3 (one per week, 2 hours each)  


Luxurious body treatments

Pre holiday Tip Top Exfoliation (1 hour)