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Face and Body treatments

Our range of specialist treatments for face and body include the very latest technological advancements to help rejuvenate, tone and enhance your skin.

Guinot Facial Treatments
Hydradermie (1.1/4 hours)
Hydradermie Plus (1.3/4 hours) £80.00
Back Hydradermie (1.1/4 hours) £60.00

Hydradermie Lifting Facials


Hydradermie Lift (55mins) POA
Hydradermie Lift Deluxe (13/4 hours) POA

Guinot Facials

Essential Facial (1hour)
Aromatic Facial (1hour) £48.00
Liftosome Facial (1hour)
Beaute Neuve (1hour) £50.00

CACI Face Treatments

One hour
Course of 10 (x1hour) POA
Monthly maintenance (1hour) POA
Super CACI (11/2 hours) POA




Anti-Ageing (1hour)
Wrinkle Treatments (30mins) £30.00
Acne / Blemish / Pigmentation (30mins) £35.00
Cellulite Treatment (30mins) £35.00
Anti-Ageing hand treatment (30mins) £29.50

Treatments for Teenage Skin

Teen Facial with blackhead extraction (45mins) £ 29.95
High Frequency for oil control & spots (from 5mins) £ 10.95